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Top 6 Colorful Flowers To Plant This Spring

Here are our top suggestions for lovely, vibrant flowers to grow in spring that will attract pollinators and provide you with that much-needed dose of happiness!

This year, why not liven up your outside spaces? These annuals are likely to provide you joy while also attracting vital pollinators.

Top 6 Colorful Flowers To Plant This Spring


Nasturtiums are a perennial favorite in the garden since they may be used for a variety of purposes. They’re fantastic for pollinators, so they’ll attract bees and butterflies, as well as a few hummingbirds thanks to their vibrant hues. Both the petals and the leaves of the flowers are edible, and they have a wonderful peppery taste that makes them a good complement to savory recipes. Nasturtiums are also an excellent technique to cover ground in tight locations or to fill containers around taller ornamentals. The Baby Rose type of nasturtiums is the most popular this year. While most nasturtiums have blooms that are yellow to orange in color, or sometimes red, Baby Rose has blossoms that are a vibrant, striking rose-pink color.

Calibrachoa double

Calibrachoas resemble miniature petunias and bloom in such abundance that hummingbirds can’t get enough of them. Superbells┬« Doublette Love Swept is this year’s choice among double calibrachoas. If you like hot pink, you won’t want to miss this. It features pink petals with white edges, and since it’s a low-growing “cascading” plant, it’s ideal for filling empty places in the yard or as the focal point of a hanging basket.


Top 6 Colorful Flowers To Plant This Spring 4

Is a cross of petunias and calibrachoas that provides you the best of both worlds. Blossoms are bigger, similar to petunia flowers, and it blooms just as much as petunias do. However, it follows the calibrachoa’s aesthetic and has a lot of vibrant colors. The SuperCal Premium is the petchoas’ favorite this year. SuperCal Premium provides you rich golden-yellow blooms with lovely crimson cores if you like yellows. This is another one that looks great in hanging baskets but may also be used in flowerbeds.


Marigolds are a perennial favorite, not just because of their lovely blossoms, but also because they keep pests out of the garden, particularly nuisance insects that harm food plants. Endurance is a prominent marigold kind. Burpee’s Endurance marigolds provide a few added benefits above other marigold kinds. To begin with, these marigolds don’t need frequent deadheading, so they’re a worry-free bloom once you’ve planted them. Endurance marigolds will not set seed, which means you won’t have marigolds blooming on their own next year if you don’t want them! Endurance comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, gold, and orange, as do other marigold seeds.


Impatiens have been on the decline since 2012, owing to a downy mildew fungus that has affected impatiens all over the world. But, in an attempt to bring this beloved plant back into gardens, breeders have been working on new hybrids with disease resistance. Impatiens have long been a popular bedding plant, and they perform especially well in shady gardens to offer color. This year, a new Imara series with mildew resistance is introduced. They are available in seven different colors: orange, orange & white, red, salmon, white, rose, and violet. Check out the Orange Star Imara, which has a white star form within the bright red-orange petals, if you’re seeking for multicolored flowers.


Begonias are another popular choice for pots and beds. This year’s Portofino begonia is one to watch for if you’re searching for a true show-stopper. It’s an upright grower that produces a profusion of big flowers. The blooms on this one are double, like little roses, and the blossom color is a lovely pastel peach tone with touches of pink. Gorgeous!

This gardening season, these are some of our favorite flowers for color. Do you have a favorite among them?

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