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Simple Gardening Ideas for Kids

Gardening with kids may be a fun way to spend time together while also educating them about food, nature, and environmental stewardship.

Here are some simple methods to get kids engaged in gardening.

Plant Vegetables

If fussy eaters have helped to cultivate their veggies, they may be more inclined to eat them, and you can use the garden to educate your children about food production.

Choose vegetables that are simple to cultivate, such as sugar snap peas, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, or tomatoes.

Bright colors and delicious tastes will pique their interest in helping you produce food.

To fully hammer home the lessons of excellent eating, couple your home-grown vegetables with great meals from Superior Farms and foraging.

Colorful Flowers in a Vase

Give each of your kids a huge pot and let them decorate it with outdoor paint.

Bring the kids to the garden center and let them choose some flowers for their pot.

Seasonal flowers will make an immediate vibrant show, allowing youngsters to see the consequences of their decisions right away, which is ideal for small children who lack the patience to wait for things to bloom.

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Choose a secluded area in the yard and create a garden for fairies to visit.

Collect lovely objects that capture the children’s attention, such as stones and fallen flowers, to place in the garden.

Tiny garden decorations might be purchased from a garden shop, or you could visit a pet store to purchase items made for use in fish tanks, such as small buildings, castles, or furnishings.

Decorate with miniature plants and items gathered by the youngsters. Make routes out of stones and barriers out of twigs.

Create Animal Shelters

Set up a bug box to help the environment while also teaching youngsters about animal care.

Send the youngsters to gather objects to fill a plant pot or a box with open sides that has been placed on its side.

For bees, drill holes in a log.

Ladybirds, woodlice, and other insects will be attracted to pine cones, leaves, twigs, dried grass, or parts of shattered pots.

To attract hedgehogs to your yard, build or purchase a hedgehog home to place behind a hedge.

Hedgehogs can eat cat or dog food, but you shouldn’t feed them bread or milk, as some people believe, since this is unhealthy for their tummies.

Purchase a bird table and assign your youngster the task of placing food on it.

As birds begin to utilize it, you may spend time together learning about birds by searching up what they are.

Make a container pond to attract frogs.

A child-safe pond in a shallow container is much safer than a full-scale pond.

Locate a big, shallow container with no drainage holes.

To keep the water clean, add pond plants and an oxygenator.

Find a shady spot and wait for the frogs to appear.

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